Saturday, 18 June 2016


It is a beautiful thing when our dreams start actualizing at a very young age. It is more amazing when those dreams are well nurtured and you become successful with that dream. Los Angeles based fashion stylist and creative director, Wale Oyerinde is a man who has followed a childhood passion to reality and is currently a force to reckon with in the business of styling, especially in areas of advertising, campaigns and occasional editorials. Wale grew up like an average child but always had eyes for colors and fingers for texture...and that hand of texture led him to sketch a few designs for his sister at the age of 16. This passion geared him further to take photographs of his sister wearing the designs, wrote a press release about it and sent to Vanguard Newspaper for publication in their Sunday Allure Edition. It did not end there...He became a style writer for Vanguard's Allure Newspaper for three years.

Wale Oyerinde did not relax on his natural interest in fashion. He holds a bachelor's degree in fashion business management from the University of South Africa and Visual Merchandising from the London College of Fashion. However, narrowing down his options to find his niche wasn't an easy process..He had to undergo many internships to get the best of training and what it takes to be thick...eventually, after evaluating his personal goals and interest in art and design plus his background in visual merchandising and fashion business, he chose fashion styling which is somehow a combination of all these mentioned.

He describes himself as a sponge and likes to absorb everything and so, he finds inspiration everywhere around him. Wale says he takes a lot of random photographs on his phone and some people find it surprising how a random photograph of a blue sky can turn into a full 8 page fashion editorial. New York is one of his favorite inspirational spots and he makes it an habit not to wear head phones on the subway as he feels it blocks him out of his immediate environment which is his primary source of inspiration. He describes the Hollywood industry as a huge market, cut-throat competition and everyone is good at their craft. He says ''You will need your skin to be tougher than the leather of a Prada bag''. In addition, persistence and a die-hard attitude is the key to survival.

Wale has been surviving the tough skinned Hollywood industry and he also appreciates the business in his home country but wants a better structure for the fashion industry. He adds that anyone going into his kind of career must have a point of view, be a able to dream and bring such a dream to reality. His definition of relaxation obviously seems like working as he enjoys taking photographs, playing around with Photoshop, illustrating and recently, iphoneography; which is a style of creating photos with an iPhone(a style of mobile photography). He also loves to exercise and play basketball.


International Fashion Label, Ade Bakare Couture added glam and brilliance with over 15 styles to the creative effort of Film Producer and Director, Blessing Egbe on her latest work, One Room which premiered yesterday in Lagos. Blessing Egbe is the brain behind the highly watched drama series, Lekki Wives and many fantastic movies...Do you also know that Blessing Egbe has actually walked the runway for the fashion brand and It is a great delight to have that same fashion label clothing a major role in her film. It was a night of glitz and glamour.

Blessing Egbe added style and class to the business of couture by wearing an emerald green and ivory beaded dress made by the award winning designer of an International repute.

Here is Star Actress, Rita Dominic dressed in Ade Bakare while on the set of One Room.


I recently watched a romantic drama film, High Strung and I felt how romance is driven by passion and will to live for known for that thing and show the world that you are not empty. I also recall a friend giving a candid opinion about how to brand this blog with better images, that which I am yet to achieve. There are various people in this world and each and everyone of us is blessed with a gift...yea, you have heard that sermon over and over again but I am not talking about you having a gift but what you live for...why are you still existing on this earth...? It is a serious business. In the past weeks, several notable people have passed on; from Mohammed Ali, Stephen Keshi, Amodu Shuaibu, Henrietta Kosoko and OJB Jezreel...I know it burdens our heart losing these referring to their close families and friends because the rest of the world will only tweet and tag along with the mourning which should simply last for 24 hours.

To those of us still breathing, what is the essence of our very existence...? I know a friend Shola who is good at his job...he works really hard and willing to train others to be better at what they do...I know a friend Valerie...She is a true definition of a hustler because she is married with children but still creates time to give back to society by training young ladies to be independent. I know a friend Dare...He is always there to help anyone having issues with their devices or gadgets at the office and even strangers known by his own friends and colleagues plus he is super talented as a graphic designer. I know a comedienne Helen Paul...She has grown to be a force to be reckoned with in the business of comedy but also creates time to bring up others.

I ask myself...What do I live for...? It is not about being the best staff at work, It is not about having the most liked image on Instagram and neither is it about being famous for your work...Am sure you have heard a lot of times that little things count and matter. I want to live to inspire the next person...I want to live for helping others get up and I want to live for being grateful that there are people who you can count on...There are people who are retiring from their jobs and have never for once thought about giving back or help someone talented develop their dreams...There are people who are in the position to help but they never will...Life is just too short...It goes as fast as a speed of light and before you know it, time has pass you by and no impact and all goes with you to the grave...I ask again, What do you live for...?

Every person that has died in these past week had something they lived for and they will always be remembered for that thing...It might not be a global phenomenon to remember those things but their close relatives, children and friends will forever continue to praise those those things they lived for.
I recall in that same romantic drama...''what happens when you reach perfection''...? Let us breath and live for a what you can do for the life of others with what you have today...some of us are engrossed with the quest of ourselves..That is not living honestly...more like existing...there are several times a few commercial motorcyclists around my work place give me a lift whether I have their accurate fair or not...they will always say...''I will collect anytime''...They take their live simple despite the economic situation around them...How much more you...the career driven highly priced being who thinks of himself alone...What do you live for...?

I am not doing a sermon on the mount or the net...This is how I feel lately...I was a bit down at the office yesterday which was known to a few but then..someone will always put a smile on your face at the end of the day...All am saying is Love thy Neighbor as thyself....your neighbor is not the one close to your house...they are every where on the surface of the earth and you encounter them more than once If you take note...

Sunday, 5 June 2016


It always gets to that point in ones life to strive and take a career to another level irrespective of any challenges locking around the corner. It is one of the best things happening in the life of award winning television star and film actress, Kiki Omeili right now. She recently celebrated her birthday and instead of wasting away lounging...turning the lights on in the city of Lagos, She decide to launch a short film...Interestingly, this is a debut into producing and I find it cool and brilliant starting with a short film unlike so many actors and actresses jumping into the producing wagon without understanding what it takes to produce or be a producer in this present day business of film making....I mean they lack proper training in essence.

Kiki's quest into producing emanated after she attended a film clinic in February this year hosted by Film Maker, Stanlee Ohikhuare who also happened to be the director of this short film titled ''Unprotected''. The experience at the clinic drived her motivation into bringing to life an idea which she had while in Medical school...Yes, Kiki is graduate of Medicine and a qualified one at that.
In a recent chat with her, she expressed her constant desire to be the best at everything she does and this is no exception...This is the reason why she went all out to get the best of talents to work with to best tell her story in ''Unprotected''. She had worked before with every actor used on this project; Nathan Kingsley, Bimbo Ademoye, Blessing Ambrose and Eric Didie was her choice as the lead male because he is fantastic and dedicated..This is a good step in the right direction of Kiki because she knew what each character should look like and it all came to life with the creative and technical support of Stanlee Ohikhuare

Everyone is familiar with some major challenges of Film Making in Nigeria which includes power and funds but thankfully she was able to overcome because she had the right people by her side on this project but I had to ask her If this was an award winning project...? Is there really anyone who will not love to be awarded for a job well done...For Kiki, grabbing an award will be a cherry on top of the cake with God by her side but she was quick to add that the objective of this film is to pass across a message and get people thinking. Infact, the director called it ''A Conscience Film''.

You might be pondering...Can she compete in the bigger film market as a Producer? Well, This Doctor turned Actress is confident and ready as she believes It's all about telling a good story well. So, If you are yet to watch ''Unprotected'', do not waste a second in giving it a try, you will be thrilled at what this talented actress has created..I have seen it myself..It is a short film but will have a longer impact in your life.


Wisdom should naturally grow as one ages in life...and we also pray for a bigger and better life. Nollywood charmer, Temitope Tedela is one actor that has continually been a force to reckon with because he knows and understands the craft. In a recent chat as he celebrates his birthday, He is most grateful for life, family, friends...because there are people who stand by us in all we do and their words of encouragement goes a long way to making that much needed impact. He is also grateful for his career so far, happiness and peace of mind.

On what plans he has relating to taking his career to the next level, He truly states, ''You never know what the future holds, You can only plan''...those are actually words of wisdom...He wants to be a kinder human being, a better actor, work in great projects and remain happy.

In this present state of the nation, He wants everyone to do more. We should be more helpful, more empathetic to the travails of our fellow citizens...above all, It is left for each man to choose his way but certainly, a right way...

This is the more reason we have to celebrate this gentleman who is a blessing to Nollywood. Happy fabulous birthday wishes Tope Tedela...

Saturday, 4 June 2016


Feuds are common among every human and it makes more attention when they are prominent people...sometimes, I get pissed at colleagues who are having drama around me and Nigerian celebrities are not left out...As you know, there are always angles to it; It could be a publicity stunt just to be in the news for a very long time, which eventually pushes the corporate world to identify with such a person or It could truly be an issue but based on their personalities, the world simply had to hear about it. Omo Baba Olowo, Davido and one time Nigerian Presidential Aspirant, Otunba Dele Momodu are currently enjoying the least, I am also writing about them.

My twist about this isn't to jab about their ''clean'' linen on the social media space but to critically look into who handles the wheels...Davido is super rich and his music is still making waves across the African continent that I know about...Uncle Momodu on the other hand is a Veteran Journalist who is quite established enough to have had the grace to run for the number one position in his country...that is a great success for such a man but why is there a power feud between these two...seems there is more to it than just a sweet little baby girl.

Is it about fame, power, wealth or what....? I know my Nigerian friends would also wield in the age factor but interestingly, this is not a question of age now because some factors have equaled these two whether you like it or not...In essence, Davido is absolutely on the wheels because he is the father of the child and he has the power and wealth to be that father...I do not know why Uncle Momodu had to grant a television interview in Ghana but he needs to keep calm, stay calm and play honorably to avoid more ridicule via do not have to say anything because Uncle Davido will always come back and apologize for everything he has done...remember, this is Africa and you are Chief Dele Momodu...and yes, you are certainly not his boy.


Is Africa a country...? This is very poetic but I do not blame the foreign media that keeps referring to Africa as a country. It is a recurrent news on television and what has the continent or ''country'' like they call it done to salvage this situation. It is dumb I guess for anyone to think that way....Is it an issue of civilization, corruption, insecurities, low self esteem and poverty or what...? I cannot place my finger on it...Why exactly do we have that repeated error of referring an entire continent of 57 countries as a''country''...Is it a question of population which I honestly doubt? I feel we are just a victim of our circumstance.

I have more of rhetorical questions here for all African leaders and every black citizen of this ''country''. Are you proud of being a black man on the African soil? Are you proud of your color? Do you believe in this continent? It is time to rise above every challenge confronting us as a continent and represent ourselves well everywhere we go...We need to call on Africans outside the continent to always represent the continent well and not negatively; From fashion, music, movies, corporate, health and so on...We need to fight back with our mindset and not with weapons or insecurities thriving among neighboring states.

Recently, a top foreign television outfit was blasted by twitter users for referring to Africa as a country and am thinking...Is Africa a country...? Some people feel its an ignorant move and I doubt that..the media has apologized but they actually know what they are doing but we are the ones that would correct the motivation behind it.

According to out studies in school, Africa is one of the continents in the world and though, Australia is seen as one and a country, perhaps because It is the smallest continent, I do not see why we should be referred to as a country... Now, do I feel bad...? No. I do not feel bad...but let us know how to react to such...For the records, I am from Africa but the Nigerian Tribe...


I love being an African because there are so many things that makes us unique before the world...As you know, some international media organizations refer to Africa as a country...So in that line, follow me on a trip to the ''State of Uganda'' where a lawmaker, Rebecca Kadaga was spotted visiting a shrine in her rural home to say a big thank you to her ancestors after re-election as speaker of the assembly in Uganda...While some have found it hilarious, others have criticized her...Infact, life threatening aside the fact that some men are calling for her sack due to her act of ungodliness.

I find it interesting because If Nigerian Politicians are to come out openly as paying visit and homage to a shrine for the purpose of victory in an election...all hell will let lose on the social will be rolling over data and everyone will be having a cool day over such a politician, Ironically, there are some politicians who prepare for elections via traditional means...I am not here to take sides or judge this woman but If that is her own way of respecting her tradition and ancestral spirits, we should let her be and not define it as ungodly, except if it's involving a loss of life as a sacrifice or any other criminal related involvement.

Her appreciation to the gods is simply out of her victory...she was elected again because of the wonderful job she did during her first five-year term in office, that earned her the respect and value to be a speaker in the house, even though her party wanted to replace her with a man as with the tradition, where men have always been the speakers. It was not an easy battle for Madam Kadaga but due to the overwhelming majority in the house, whoever is endorsed becomes the speaker.

After victory to be the speaker for the next five years, she headed to her ancestral lands of Busoga to pay homage to her ancestors' spirits...She was seen by the cameras walking through stones up a hill to visit the gods in a cave...and I believe the gods will also be like special advisers to her during her tenure; to give quality ideas for the development of Uganda and Its people. This is proudly African..culture is a great tool of communication and it is not redefining religion but rather, emphasizing that Africa is unique by all standards.



We are in terms with the word break up and we are also elated about the word wedding but some shiver about the word marriage...Now, these three terms are everyday reality depending on where it hurts or sweetens the most...I do not really care whether you are a celebrity or not but when it comes to marriage, you must be ready even can be ready for a wedding in the next five minutes after reading this piece...It's simply about putting some logistics together and the human element present to exchange vows...but break up is the in-thing now.

Break ups are more prominent now than marriages, perhaps, It should be celebrated just like weddings...Anyway, Fast rising model, Gigi Hadid recently broke up with Zayn Malik after seven months...Interestingly, she is 21 years old and that means, Except If she decides to get back her singer boyfriend, It is very possible she will have lots of breakups if she is a girl power driven being...This came after my darling Taylor Swift called it quit with Calvin Harris after fifteen months...The fans and the show biz world did not see that coming...apparently, Taylor wanted a future with Calvin...a marriage and babies...So he ran for his life or what? Questions of insecurities...
I have to ask...can these break ups be more of a commercial venture than an emotional quest to be free...What exactly brings two people together...? Yes, there are some that seem business like an then it tilts towards a romantic affection but then, do you talk it out..well, I know It's about the fame for some celebrities. The more breakups you can have, the better you thrive on the scene as a most wanted. Prior to all these, we had experienced the ''Tiwa Savage marriage drama'' that took most of our time as fans went all out to become a counselor or advocate for an ideal marriage...She did not turn hers to music by singing about it...she simply dished us like a breakfast in sunshine London...Calvin and Taylor were apparently not on the same page about their future while Gigi and Zayn are simply not strong enough to be committed now..I can imagine the life of a supermodel and a music youngster who is considering a serious relationship. You must be ready to compromise standards for the sake of that relationship.
I do know marriage break up is far more deeper to judge than a mere relationship but It's seems more of a freedom, a quest to be an independent woman and not subjected to a man...It's more about the present day society and the power to be successful especially, when the resources are in place...I will respect the decisions of Taylor Swift by ending the relationship...It may be hard but that is the best thing to do...If you cannot see a future clearly with someone, you simply pack your bags and move on..more so, there was a discussion about it.

I believe our ladies should not live a life based on what society says, If you want the girl power life, do not waste your time in a relationship just because you want the attention of being loved...I am not a relationship expert but I do feel some women hide under a relationship and still scream for freedom, and blame the man for not giving them a purpose...


Recently, The Lagos Wing of the Nigerian Union of Teachers says 16,000 teachers are needed to adequately cater for government-owned primary and secondary schools in the state. It further stated that lack of teachers is now becoming a major issue within the system as thousands of teachers have retired from June 2015 to date....Well, basically, they have to retire if their years of service is up and is the system even cool enough for new comers to chill and be proud of being called a teacher?

Is our educational system getting better or worse...? Is it really about more teachers...? Is an average teen even still interested in this thing called education, defined by a classroom wall...?  There are several questions to be asked and my article is not the first relating to the subject of education in Nigeria and certainly, will not be the last. It's tiring to be discussing about this matter in the 21st century where nations are feeding on the brilliant output from their educational system. Nigerian on the other hand is dishing out its product to other people for use...and now, they require more teachers for a system that needs to be dusted, cleaned up and reestablished.

There are concerns about the teacher student ratio but I believe employing more teachers isn't the first point of call to this menace because not all teachers are even employable...what we have today are not teachers, rather, workers who simply want to meet their needs via a vacuum that is a monthly pay...I know who a teacher is when my mum was working with the Teaching service commission in Lagos, I was proud to have her as a parent who was a teacher...She understands the job because she knows about the guidance, tutoring and counselling involved to be a teacher...the days of Lesson notes and all that...It was super but I doubt if employing more teachers will help.

Yes, there are passionate youths out there who can impact into other people but not on a platform of dealing with children...It is easy to gather people in a room and motivate them but It is not easy to teach little ones who are just starting life...a teacher has a more greater work to do in supporting the morale of the parents in adding value to their child because the child spends most of the day at school...and It is important to employ more from those who go through education itself as a course of study, they must have gone through teaching practice and all that but above all, I am not in support of employing but clean up the system because the true development of a nation solely depends on its educational system...