Saturday, 4 June 2016


We are in terms with the word break up and we are also elated about the word wedding but some shiver about the word marriage...Now, these three terms are everyday reality depending on where it hurts or sweetens the most...I do not really care whether you are a celebrity or not but when it comes to marriage, you must be ready even can be ready for a wedding in the next five minutes after reading this piece...It's simply about putting some logistics together and the human element present to exchange vows...but break up is the in-thing now.

Break ups are more prominent now than marriages, perhaps, It should be celebrated just like weddings...Anyway, Fast rising model, Gigi Hadid recently broke up with Zayn Malik after seven months...Interestingly, she is 21 years old and that means, Except If she decides to get back her singer boyfriend, It is very possible she will have lots of breakups if she is a girl power driven being...This came after my darling Taylor Swift called it quit with Calvin Harris after fifteen months...The fans and the show biz world did not see that coming...apparently, Taylor wanted a future with Calvin...a marriage and babies...So he ran for his life or what? Questions of insecurities...
I have to ask...can these break ups be more of a commercial venture than an emotional quest to be free...What exactly brings two people together...? Yes, there are some that seem business like an then it tilts towards a romantic affection but then, do you talk it out..well, I know It's about the fame for some celebrities. The more breakups you can have, the better you thrive on the scene as a most wanted. Prior to all these, we had experienced the ''Tiwa Savage marriage drama'' that took most of our time as fans went all out to become a counselor or advocate for an ideal marriage...She did not turn hers to music by singing about it...she simply dished us like a breakfast in sunshine London...Calvin and Taylor were apparently not on the same page about their future while Gigi and Zayn are simply not strong enough to be committed now..I can imagine the life of a supermodel and a music youngster who is considering a serious relationship. You must be ready to compromise standards for the sake of that relationship.
I do know marriage break up is far more deeper to judge than a mere relationship but It's seems more of a freedom, a quest to be an independent woman and not subjected to a man...It's more about the present day society and the power to be successful especially, when the resources are in place...I will respect the decisions of Taylor Swift by ending the relationship...It may be hard but that is the best thing to do...If you cannot see a future clearly with someone, you simply pack your bags and move on..more so, there was a discussion about it.

I believe our ladies should not live a life based on what society says, If you want the girl power life, do not waste your time in a relationship just because you want the attention of being loved...I am not a relationship expert but I do feel some women hide under a relationship and still scream for freedom, and blame the man for not giving them a purpose...