Saturday, 4 June 2016


Feuds are common among every human and it makes more attention when they are prominent people...sometimes, I get pissed at colleagues who are having drama around me and Nigerian celebrities are not left out...As you know, there are always angles to it; It could be a publicity stunt just to be in the news for a very long time, which eventually pushes the corporate world to identify with such a person or It could truly be an issue but based on their personalities, the world simply had to hear about it. Omo Baba Olowo, Davido and one time Nigerian Presidential Aspirant, Otunba Dele Momodu are currently enjoying the least, I am also writing about them.

My twist about this isn't to jab about their ''clean'' linen on the social media space but to critically look into who handles the wheels...Davido is super rich and his music is still making waves across the African continent that I know about...Uncle Momodu on the other hand is a Veteran Journalist who is quite established enough to have had the grace to run for the number one position in his country...that is a great success for such a man but why is there a power feud between these two...seems there is more to it than just a sweet little baby girl.

Is it about fame, power, wealth or what....? I know my Nigerian friends would also wield in the age factor but interestingly, this is not a question of age now because some factors have equaled these two whether you like it or not...In essence, Davido is absolutely on the wheels because he is the father of the child and he has the power and wealth to be that father...I do not know why Uncle Momodu had to grant a television interview in Ghana but he needs to keep calm, stay calm and play honorably to avoid more ridicule via do not have to say anything because Uncle Davido will always come back and apologize for everything he has done...remember, this is Africa and you are Chief Dele Momodu...and yes, you are certainly not his boy.