Saturday, 18 June 2016


It is a beautiful thing when our dreams start actualizing at a very young age. It is more amazing when those dreams are well nurtured and you become successful with that dream. Los Angeles based fashion stylist and creative director, Wale Oyerinde is a man who has followed a childhood passion to reality and is currently a force to reckon with in the business of styling, especially in areas of advertising, campaigns and occasional editorials. Wale grew up like an average child but always had eyes for colors and fingers for texture...and that hand of texture led him to sketch a few designs for his sister at the age of 16. This passion geared him further to take photographs of his sister wearing the designs, wrote a press release about it and sent to Vanguard Newspaper for publication in their Sunday Allure Edition. It did not end there...He became a style writer for Vanguard's Allure Newspaper for three years.

Wale Oyerinde did not relax on his natural interest in fashion. He holds a bachelor's degree in fashion business management from the University of South Africa and Visual Merchandising from the London College of Fashion. However, narrowing down his options to find his niche wasn't an easy process..He had to undergo many internships to get the best of training and what it takes to be thick...eventually, after evaluating his personal goals and interest in art and design plus his background in visual merchandising and fashion business, he chose fashion styling which is somehow a combination of all these mentioned.

He describes himself as a sponge and likes to absorb everything and so, he finds inspiration everywhere around him. Wale says he takes a lot of random photographs on his phone and some people find it surprising how a random photograph of a blue sky can turn into a full 8 page fashion editorial. New York is one of his favorite inspirational spots and he makes it an habit not to wear head phones on the subway as he feels it blocks him out of his immediate environment which is his primary source of inspiration. He describes the Hollywood industry as a huge market, cut-throat competition and everyone is good at their craft. He says ''You will need your skin to be tougher than the leather of a Prada bag''. In addition, persistence and a die-hard attitude is the key to survival.

Wale has been surviving the tough skinned Hollywood industry and he also appreciates the business in his home country but wants a better structure for the fashion industry. He adds that anyone going into his kind of career must have a point of view, be a able to dream and bring such a dream to reality. His definition of relaxation obviously seems like working as he enjoys taking photographs, playing around with Photoshop, illustrating and recently, iphoneography; which is a style of creating photos with an iPhone(a style of mobile photography). He also loves to exercise and play basketball.