Saturday, 4 June 2016


Is Africa a country...? This is very poetic but I do not blame the foreign media that keeps referring to Africa as a country. It is a recurrent news on television and what has the continent or ''country'' like they call it done to salvage this situation. It is dumb I guess for anyone to think that way....Is it an issue of civilization, corruption, insecurities, low self esteem and poverty or what...? I cannot place my finger on it...Why exactly do we have that repeated error of referring an entire continent of 57 countries as a''country''...Is it a question of population which I honestly doubt? I feel we are just a victim of our circumstance.

I have more of rhetorical questions here for all African leaders and every black citizen of this ''country''. Are you proud of being a black man on the African soil? Are you proud of your color? Do you believe in this continent? It is time to rise above every challenge confronting us as a continent and represent ourselves well everywhere we go...We need to call on Africans outside the continent to always represent the continent well and not negatively; From fashion, music, movies, corporate, health and so on...We need to fight back with our mindset and not with weapons or insecurities thriving among neighboring states.

Recently, a top foreign television outfit was blasted by twitter users for referring to Africa as a country and am thinking...Is Africa a country...? Some people feel its an ignorant move and I doubt that..the media has apologized but they actually know what they are doing but we are the ones that would correct the motivation behind it.

According to out studies in school, Africa is one of the continents in the world and though, Australia is seen as one and a country, perhaps because It is the smallest continent, I do not see why we should be referred to as a country... Now, do I feel bad...? No. I do not feel bad...but let us know how to react to such...For the records, I am from Africa but the Nigerian Tribe...