Sunday, 5 June 2016


It always gets to that point in ones life to strive and take a career to another level irrespective of any challenges locking around the corner. It is one of the best things happening in the life of award winning television star and film actress, Kiki Omeili right now. She recently celebrated her birthday and instead of wasting away lounging...turning the lights on in the city of Lagos, She decide to launch a short film...Interestingly, this is a debut into producing and I find it cool and brilliant starting with a short film unlike so many actors and actresses jumping into the producing wagon without understanding what it takes to produce or be a producer in this present day business of film making....I mean they lack proper training in essence.

Kiki's quest into producing emanated after she attended a film clinic in February this year hosted by Film Maker, Stanlee Ohikhuare who also happened to be the director of this short film titled ''Unprotected''. The experience at the clinic drived her motivation into bringing to life an idea which she had while in Medical school...Yes, Kiki is graduate of Medicine and a qualified one at that.
In a recent chat with her, she expressed her constant desire to be the best at everything she does and this is no exception...This is the reason why she went all out to get the best of talents to work with to best tell her story in ''Unprotected''. She had worked before with every actor used on this project; Nathan Kingsley, Bimbo Ademoye, Blessing Ambrose and Eric Didie was her choice as the lead male because he is fantastic and dedicated..This is a good step in the right direction of Kiki because she knew what each character should look like and it all came to life with the creative and technical support of Stanlee Ohikhuare

Everyone is familiar with some major challenges of Film Making in Nigeria which includes power and funds but thankfully she was able to overcome because she had the right people by her side on this project but I had to ask her If this was an award winning project...? Is there really anyone who will not love to be awarded for a job well done...For Kiki, grabbing an award will be a cherry on top of the cake with God by her side but she was quick to add that the objective of this film is to pass across a message and get people thinking. Infact, the director called it ''A Conscience Film''.

You might be pondering...Can she compete in the bigger film market as a Producer? Well, This Doctor turned Actress is confident and ready as she believes It's all about telling a good story well. So, If you are yet to watch ''Unprotected'', do not waste a second in giving it a try, you will be thrilled at what this talented actress has created..I have seen it myself..It is a short film but will have a longer impact in your life.