Saturday, 4 June 2016


I love being an African because there are so many things that makes us unique before the world...As you know, some international media organizations refer to Africa as a country...So in that line, follow me on a trip to the ''State of Uganda'' where a lawmaker, Rebecca Kadaga was spotted visiting a shrine in her rural home to say a big thank you to her ancestors after re-election as speaker of the assembly in Uganda...While some have found it hilarious, others have criticized her...Infact, life threatening aside the fact that some men are calling for her sack due to her act of ungodliness.

I find it interesting because If Nigerian Politicians are to come out openly as paying visit and homage to a shrine for the purpose of victory in an election...all hell will let lose on the social will be rolling over data and everyone will be having a cool day over such a politician, Ironically, there are some politicians who prepare for elections via traditional means...I am not here to take sides or judge this woman but If that is her own way of respecting her tradition and ancestral spirits, we should let her be and not define it as ungodly, except if it's involving a loss of life as a sacrifice or any other criminal related involvement.

Her appreciation to the gods is simply out of her victory...she was elected again because of the wonderful job she did during her first five-year term in office, that earned her the respect and value to be a speaker in the house, even though her party wanted to replace her with a man as with the tradition, where men have always been the speakers. It was not an easy battle for Madam Kadaga but due to the overwhelming majority in the house, whoever is endorsed becomes the speaker.

After victory to be the speaker for the next five years, she headed to her ancestral lands of Busoga to pay homage to her ancestors' spirits...She was seen by the cameras walking through stones up a hill to visit the gods in a cave...and I believe the gods will also be like special advisers to her during her tenure; to give quality ideas for the development of Uganda and Its people. This is proudly African..culture is a great tool of communication and it is not redefining religion but rather, emphasizing that Africa is unique by all standards.