Saturday, 18 June 2016


I recently watched a romantic drama film, High Strung and I felt how romance is driven by passion and will to live for known for that thing and show the world that you are not empty. I also recall a friend giving a candid opinion about how to brand this blog with better images, that which I am yet to achieve. There are various people in this world and each and everyone of us is blessed with a gift...yea, you have heard that sermon over and over again but I am not talking about you having a gift but what you live for...why are you still existing on this earth...? It is a serious business. In the past weeks, several notable people have passed on; from Mohammed Ali, Stephen Keshi, Amodu Shuaibu, Henrietta Kosoko and OJB Jezreel...I know it burdens our heart losing these referring to their close families and friends because the rest of the world will only tweet and tag along with the mourning which should simply last for 24 hours.

To those of us still breathing, what is the essence of our very existence...? I know a friend Shola who is good at his job...he works really hard and willing to train others to be better at what they do...I know a friend Valerie...She is a true definition of a hustler because she is married with children but still creates time to give back to society by training young ladies to be independent. I know a friend Dare...He is always there to help anyone having issues with their devices or gadgets at the office and even strangers known by his own friends and colleagues plus he is super talented as a graphic designer. I know a comedienne Helen Paul...She has grown to be a force to be reckoned with in the business of comedy but also creates time to bring up others.

I ask myself...What do I live for...? It is not about being the best staff at work, It is not about having the most liked image on Instagram and neither is it about being famous for your work...Am sure you have heard a lot of times that little things count and matter. I want to live to inspire the next person...I want to live for helping others get up and I want to live for being grateful that there are people who you can count on...There are people who are retiring from their jobs and have never for once thought about giving back or help someone talented develop their dreams...There are people who are in the position to help but they never will...Life is just too short...It goes as fast as a speed of light and before you know it, time has pass you by and no impact and all goes with you to the grave...I ask again, What do you live for...?

Every person that has died in these past week had something they lived for and they will always be remembered for that thing...It might not be a global phenomenon to remember those things but their close relatives, children and friends will forever continue to praise those those things they lived for.
I recall in that same romantic drama...''what happens when you reach perfection''...? Let us breath and live for a what you can do for the life of others with what you have today...some of us are engrossed with the quest of ourselves..That is not living honestly...more like existing...there are several times a few commercial motorcyclists around my work place give me a lift whether I have their accurate fair or not...they will always say...''I will collect anytime''...They take their live simple despite the economic situation around them...How much more you...the career driven highly priced being who thinks of himself alone...What do you live for...?

I am not doing a sermon on the mount or the net...This is how I feel lately...I was a bit down at the office yesterday which was known to a few but then..someone will always put a smile on your face at the end of the day...All am saying is Love thy Neighbor as thyself....your neighbor is not the one close to your house...they are every where on the surface of the earth and you encounter them more than once If you take note...