Saturday, 30 July 2016


This is the reason why we should have started this year on a more ideal note and not launching with a drama by Music giants in Nigeria,  Don Jazzy and Olamide...Nollywood Actress, Toyin Aimakhu is also having a fair share of her own directly or indirectly. This is not a new scenario where celebrities get into a misunderstanding or perhaps too forward about a course...the social media has been buzzing as various parties are throwing various jabs at the actress who truthfully must have had a genuine interest in trying to save the patient in question but surprisingly, a lack of understanding about the subject matter suddenly creates a distortion in communication leading to an outburst. Some of her colleagues have gone all out to scold the public on behalf of the actress...everyone seems to be acting childish on the work for the publicist all of a sudden.

I took time to read various posts and comments regarding this matter and all I could put together in my head is our dear wonderful actress lacks a proper understanding about her career and who she is in the public heard about a course and you simply jumped right into it...Did you consult your publicist? I am not sure you have one...Your publics are everywhere, even the hospital in question is a public and your mode of communication with them can affect your career...

I love your movies and your public personality but you must have a functioning publicist who thinks on your behalf..take away any emotional drama and find out about things before getting on board and if you do have a publicist, please pay the last salary and fire such an individual, all these post-drama statement would not have happened if your publicist is mentally alive...Nigerians are always standing by waiting for your next flaw...their data is very much available to comment, tag, scold you like they are your parents and instruct you about how to manage your life...All of these will weaken you in due course...this is why a publicist would have averted all these unscripted drama.

Honestly, take it or leave it...we know those personalities being managed by a proper publicist and am not sure some of our celebrities here understand the difference between a manager, an agent and a publicist...Genevieve Nnaji, Joseph Benjamin, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde and a few others seems to be having a wonderful time with their career...Yes they will be getting some hit but when a proper communication is done with a publicist...the goal is achieved. Toyin Aimakhu is not the celebrity involved is a public outburst of an issue, there are weird and funny cases that fly around daily...Some people will say it is all publicity...I think there are greater deeds that can push someone to those heights...Yes she is human but she needs to think before acting all the time because It is her name that is out there and like she admits, she loves her career dearly...

This brings me to the subject of the publics...How many celebrities know their publics and please do not be fooled by the social media love drama because when you slide, these people can also throw shades at you. How many celebs go out of their comfort zone to shop together with regular Nigerians, do you take pictures with them on a normal day and am not referring to selfies during a movie premiere...Do you take time out to assist at the nursing home or do you even have a foundation dedicated to a course in your immediate community or state of origin. All of these are still subject to discussion with your management or publicist who will guide you in any step you want to take.

Nigerians are lovely people but then showbiz must be done professionally...It is necessary to know the publics and understand why they love you truly..A lot of A-List stars in Nigeria do lack that and since the bill is paying so well beyond the continent for them, they care less about what we think back home...Much respect to some who have professional schools training others, some are offering scholarship schemes and others are involved in some charity course...If your emotions are too strong, do not even bother managing your social media accounts...I know this will not stop Nigerians from watching her next film but again, they already have or formed an opinion about her level of intelligence and emotions...

Friday, 29 July 2016


There are Journalists...and there are journalists who not only understand their scope of work but have also carved a niche in a certain aspect of journalism. It might be easy to write a news but how many professionals can give constructive and critical analyses about issues in a certain sector...Harry Itie is an entertainment correspondent with an award winning Pan-African Television station in Nigeria but he has also extended his passion to the online forum by creating ''The Harry Minute''...In a recent chat with him, he expressed more about his passion.

Harry Itie has a keen interest in the entertainment industry and his job as an entertainment correspondent has given him the opportunity to meet with top celebrities across the continent. He has always been passionate about the pop culture globally and what better way to express yourself in this current savvy century than having an online platform where people can visit, read and drop comments regarding various topics of discuss or commentaries relating to pop culture...behold the birth of Harry Minute.

Running such a platform also comes with the challenge of creating topics that people would find appealing and interesting but thankfully, he has been open with his friends whom he shares ideas with on his choice of topic and It has been amazing for him because he also gets feedback from visitors who share their thoughts on new elements that can be added to the platform. Aside Harry, there are so many blogs and vlogs online today and he expressed his feelings saying everyone is not real and passionate like it was in the beginning. He is looking forward to diversification like sports and technology blogs or vlogs.
When you trace the childhood of most creative and talented people today, you will find out that they had a very interesting time growing up. Harry watched a lot of Disney Cartoons, which he believes shaped the man he has become today. He also recalled the mock television shows he does with his neighbor and this is not the only inspirational thing to pick from here as he eats, drinks and sleep music...he describes music as his biggest inspiration...a lot of the posts and stories on his platform have generated from different songs.

It is interesting going around and interviewing some of the biggest celebrity brands in Nigeria but is the showbiz growing or can it be equated with what obtains at the global stage? Harry says It is growing but people are still not getting the business aspect right despite having the talent and charisma for the show aspect and that is why there is a lot of record label fights and contractual disputes. Harry can be described as a star based on his definition when I asked him..He says a star is someone who performs excellently well in their chosen field while a celebrity is someone popular in a particular society...

Despite a busy schedule, Harry loves to spend time with friends, watch movies and television shows. He is looking forward to a better online journalism because it is growing rapidly but then something must be done about access to internet facility especially those in the rural areas

Saturday, 23 July 2016


I cannot stand women who sit down with their babies at most pedestrian bridges in the Lagos Metropolis to beg for money...and now, some women also rent out their babies in exchange for money daily. This is what the nation has become especially during this change strata that is affecting everyone in the country. Many families find it difficult to have a good meal and everyone is forced to cut their spending's to a minimal level. Before I express my thought about this particular woman that has been apprehended by the state for renting out her child..Let me address some things here...

It is time women need to be enlightened about the need of a child..It is not just about the girl power, feminist agenda or independent shindig...How about the need of a child..? Sex is sweet but there are some people who are not enlightened enough about the product of sex because some men will simply run and abandon the woman, who will end up on the street to beg for money to take care of her child or children. Any man who is indulging in such should not be called a man if he cannot live up to his responsibility and why put a woman in a family way when you are certain you will not stand by her.

A 40 year old woman was arrested alongside four other women for renting out their babies daily at the rate of 1,000 to 1,500 Naira daily. They would give out the child at 5.PM and get their child back at 7.PM with their profit for that day...This is very ridiculous but do we blame them...Talk is cheap...Yes she is guilty in the eyes of the law and God but It is time our government at all levels wake up and save the nation before we begin to rent out or even sell ourselves at any cost.

The infants have been taken to a rehabilitation and training center at Ikorodu in Lagos for shelter while investigation is ongoing which would likely lead to the prosecution of these women. The Lagos State government says it will not condone street begging but this is more than street begging...If citizens have a defined life, they will not go to the street to beg..I am not sure they have an idea what some people are going through when they wake up from their bed...that is if they have a home or roof over their head...

This is not just a federal government affair; there are wives of Local government chairmen across the nation, wives of governors, commissioners, senators and so on...What exactly is their plan for the Nigerian woman...? Who are you representing when you go outside the county...? Let us stop deceiving ourselves for posterity will judge...Yes, It is bad but something must be done to save the Nigerian woman...


The rumors have been everywhere for a long time, even the actor admits it as the wildest rumor in the world..most fans want him as the next James Bond after Daniel Craig who says he is done with the character despite an ongoing agreement to do one more movie. Idris Elba is good, sexy, action packed but he says he is too old to play James Bond...running around in cars, flirting with the ladies and Martinis...He describes it as a terrible idea but Is it really a terrible idea...? 44 year old Idris Elba is still having a good time as an actor and also has a clothing line...What exactly will it really take to bring an A-Game as James Bond...Truthfully, It's all about the creating and selling something real to the public.

To some other persons, the issue of a black James Bond is what comes to mind...If it makes sense in their head...while others say he is not that cool to play the character...If we recall in September 2015, there was controversy when James Bond Author, Anthony Horowitz said Elba was ''too street'' to play 007. He said ''Idris Elba is a bit too rough to play the part,''. He further said ''It's not a color issue, I think he is probably a bit too street for Bond''. He has however apologized for that statement but is it not the work of a Director and an artistic director to give an interpretation of what they want out of an actor.

We have not seen a lot of him facially this year...He voiced characters in Zootopia, Jungle Book and Finding Dory and playing the Villain in Star Trek Beyond...I am of the opinion that Idris Elba can deliver; He has the accent, the suave, the charisma, even though I feel his concerns about the whole chase drama in the movie...will he reject it if the offer truly knocks at his door...? I believe Elba would make Bond more famous than we imagine and might even gross in more profit at the box office because he might deliver better than Daniel Craig...and Daniel is 48,four years older than Elba.


kunle Afolayan is no doubt a very good professional in film making because I love the fact that he is using the cinema to tell the African Story..From Figurine, Irapada to October 1..I must take a bow for all his effort but is the CEO the best of him..? I am not sure, not based on the cinematography but If the story was well grounded.?..No one said a single word or clapped at the cinema when we finished...A good story should be whispered about while we leave the hall...Yes, there were some artistic moment but I was very thirsty for more as I just watched through to see who eventually became the CEO.

Let us get real here..The film seemed highly commercial at the beginning..I began feeling a movie when these five senior executives sat down for serious business...Yes, we all know some top brands were behind this production but do not throw it right in our faces lest we forget the reason why we were at the cinema.To the acting, I will give most credit to Hilda Dokubo and Wale Ojo...There was a lot of confusion for me towards the end...Was it really thrilling for me?...a bit..I would have loved to see how the first two executives died and there is nothing bad showing us a bit of who was behind it all these while...there are technical directions in achieving such and still maintaining suspense.

This is not about making this film very African but there are certain interpretations that would have made it mind blowing, highly intriguing and thrilling just like what obtains in some Hollywood productions... Figurine was more thrilling, Irapada had me on the edge of my seat while October 1 was very convincing but I do not know where to stand on this one...I only enjoyed the scenery and the outcome of the games which coincided with a death of a senior executive...The story plaid smart by killing the husband of Eloise Toure following her defeat during the games.

Is the cast convincing...? How did he go about the casting...? Kunle Afolayan should have a better answer more than anyone else but I was not all that convinced with some of the actors. It was produced well but not directed well....It was shot well and the camera angles were excellent. It was obvious you were doing Dekunle Gold a favor and not really being a part of the movie...As a Director, I would fuse him into the story...any of the characters could have walked up to him and give him a business card or he hangs out with the general crowd after performing...perhaps using an in-house disc jockey would have been better.

This does not change my expectation in the future but I do believe more creative productions will come from Kunle Afolayan...This is an award winning film in terms of picture, light and sound but not a convincing story line and Hilda Dokubo can be nominated for an award as a supporting role in this film


Following the huge success attained with ''30 Days in Atlanta'' grossing about 138 Million Naira at the box office. Celebrated Comedian turned Movie Producer, Ayo Makun popularly known as AY decided to take the trip further to Jamaica but this time, he has Actresses, Funke Akindele and Nse Ikpe-Etim as his escort to the Reggae Land. Is this a sequel to the Atlanta trip or simply a fresh idea...? 30 Days in Atlanta was quite funny but did not establish Ayo Makun as a grounded actor...If he claims to be one and there were so many things going on at the same time without a good continuity flow from one scene to another.

Many termed it as another Jenifa drama or Osuofia in London...I give credit to him for pulling off such a production but I do hope we will see a better acting delivery from most of the cast especially Ayo Makun because there are very good actors who can interpret comedy roles better than comedians...Funke should also note that being funny as Jenifa does not equate for this movie...Anyway, the movie has been shot and due for release very soon.

I am looking forward to laugh because I know I will laugh...but I want to see AY deliver some great acting skills in terms of dialogue and expression...I believe the Director, Robert Peters is highly professional and knows that the stage is very different from film...It means we expect AY should know that less is more with film. Above all, this is good for Nollywood in terms of cultural integration and opening more doors for more production. I do not expect less from Nse Ikpe-Etim...She is a better interpreter of comedy than Funke Akindele and by that I mean the sense of humor infused into the screenplay as dialogue for the actor. This should also be another platinum gross income for Ayo Makun...but please, do not surprise us with another trip.

Thursday, 7 July 2016


I had the privilege to witness the creation of a Lookbook for the first time at the Ade Bakare Couture Outlet in Lagos. It was really an interesting time hanging out with the models who looked amazing in most of the designs...the amazing Ofure Ighalo was the photographer and he took his time in getting the best out of the models. It was actually a whole day affair...Some of the designs for the lookbook were actually showcased on the runway at the recently held African Fashion Week in Lagos where Ade Bakare was an headline designer for the gala nite.

This is a Neoprene Tangerine high neck coat with various beaded flowers in colours.

Saturday, 2 July 2016


I do hope there is enough space to take so many of us if we are to consider the number of Lagos residence who patronize street hawkers...Is it for the fact that many of us have to fill our tummies while going home, after a hard day with a nagging colleague or boss...these street hawkers are the solution to some people who cannot help but do something about their quick hunger for the road. I respect the state government taking a decision after the incident that occurred at the Maryland Axis of Ikorodu Road recently but surprisingly, It is not the hawkers alone that would face the music...we the buyers would have to pay a fine or a six month jail term...(smiles)

The Governor of Lagos State, Akinwunmi Ambode recently appeared on a breakfast show where he emphasized more on the state laws regarding street hawking...A fine of 90,000 Naira is also involved here for patronizing a street hawker...I would like to add that the state government should do something about the traffic jam in the state, thereby, we all can reach our homes early enough to make dinner or find something to eat..some of us have to buy something on the road because we are stuck in a jam that could last for about 3 hours...just within a state..It is crazy and as for the hawkers, I am sure the state understands the word hustle...It is a big deal in Lagos because bills must be paid..even babes are not left out of the bills and some women are widows! they must survive by all much more to define.

I am not defending them but what is the future for these people because not everyone can afford a lock up store in Lagos...By the way, It was very wrong for a law enforcement agent to pursue someone who has not been identified as a threat to the peace of the community. However, I do have some reservations about some areas like Ketu where the roads have been completely turned to a market square with all sorts of commodities...You can even grind your pepper, onions and tomatoes for stew right on a major road...Nigeria must survive..(smiles). When laws are enforced, please consider alternatives for the citizens...this is democracy and we all have a say because we voted someone in to lead and direct us...


There are reports or rumors that there might be a serious feud boiling with the Five Star Music management and their ''Share the Gala'' Artiste, HarrySong over a decision about a certain One Delta Concert and his musical album. This is not a new drama when label executives and their babies have to wrestle and argue over some decisions concerning the growth of an artiste. As you know, he who pays the piper, dictates the tune...So goes a certain rumored allegation that comes as a threat to HarrySong if he goes further with the concert...It means, his finances and all that is paradise might be cut....

As you know, this particular label is owned by Emeka Okonkwo, popularly known as E-Money who happens to be the younger brother to Kingsley Okonkwo which we all know as Kcee...There are reports that Kcee who is also the Vice President made this threat to Our Gala Ambassador...As usual, there will always be denials here and there but It is a matter of time before we hear that a certain popular act at the music label is on his own or perhaps another label due to some circumstances beyond a control.

35 year old Harryson Tare Okiri has been able to establish himself in most genres especially the highlife and his vocal dexterity is quite commendable and with eight years into his musical career, he has carved a niche for his brand that most youths have come to respect but will ''the Gala'' continue to be shared at the Five Star mansion..? .Only time will tell as a certain trend now is the rush and drive to operate alone as an artiste and a label boss...


This image of Sola Sobowale, a Nollywood Actress who is still a force to reckon with when it comes to delivering some crazy mama scenes or a nagging mother-in-law recreated this image of her and I find it very stunning. This ''Asewo to re Mecca'' star still looks beautiful at her age.

She joined acting with the Awada Kerikeri group under the leadership veteran actor, Adebayo Salami and perhaps the stubborn-act scenes come easy because she is a native of Ondo State...You know what they say about people from that side...(smiles)

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Are you going to wait till you encounter Olajumoke Orisaguna on a first class seat en route to Milan for a fashion Show or Are you going to wait till she gets honored by a prestigious University in Nigeria before you realize time has passed you by....? I know it might sound cliche putting up a write up about this young lady having read and seen the various benefits thrown at her but let it be known to you that Olajumoke is certainly working hard behind ''close doors'' and when she is done, you might have to pay through your nose to hear her talk or something...Ridiculous I guess...

What exactly am I driving at...? I watched a dance show this morning and one of the young contestants actually described the situation of her family as she sleeps in the living room because the rooms are few compared to the numbers in the family and she has to walk with her mum to get a bus every morning when going to school...Another also described dance as a get-away...What is your get-away...?

Let us put aside the fact that Photographer, Ty Bello brought her to the spotlight because she is no more in control of her destiny as Jumoke is now managed by a professional Modelling Agency and her current residence is also temporary...For those of you who think she has gold all planted right in her house...please think again because she has to work very hard to make that assumption true before the public...Do you even think It will be easy for her...? Yes, She ain't selling bread again...Yes, several brands have romanced her and Yes, her life has changed but If she really wants to be another Alek, Oluchi or Naomi...She must work hard to remain there....

I ask myself...What exactly should I be doing to elevate my passion...Unfortunately, we are in a society where your journey might have been programmed from school to marriage...I wonder where we missed the part of self...What does my child wants but thanks to a level of civilization, some people have stayed true to their dreams and have been able to develop others...Do not remain where you are..Do what you have to do now...The person whom you beef might actually be your gateway to success which I do not define by money.

A colleague once told me she feels not complete by not exploring other things about life..She is blessed with children, a job and all that but she still feels there is more to life...and that is absolutely true. I know the country is very hard for a lot of us and so, It is difficult to live a dream but what about where you are...For example, Do you know that Chidinma can fix you in her next music video by what you upload on YouTube..It will be difficult having a live audition with her but both of you can connect with the help of the social media.

I am on the edge...waiting to see the tremendous transformation in Olajumoke because every time I see an image of her, I get inspired to push further..a little further and I will be amazed at how much effort is going into every passion am connected with. Start now...dust yourself....pack your luggage and go!