Friday, 29 July 2016


There are Journalists...and there are journalists who not only understand their scope of work but have also carved a niche in a certain aspect of journalism. It might be easy to write a news but how many professionals can give constructive and critical analyses about issues in a certain sector...Harry Itie is an entertainment correspondent with an award winning Pan-African Television station in Nigeria but he has also extended his passion to the online forum by creating ''The Harry Minute''...In a recent chat with him, he expressed more about his passion.

Harry Itie has a keen interest in the entertainment industry and his job as an entertainment correspondent has given him the opportunity to meet with top celebrities across the continent. He has always been passionate about the pop culture globally and what better way to express yourself in this current savvy century than having an online platform where people can visit, read and drop comments regarding various topics of discuss or commentaries relating to pop culture...behold the birth of Harry Minute.

Running such a platform also comes with the challenge of creating topics that people would find appealing and interesting but thankfully, he has been open with his friends whom he shares ideas with on his choice of topic and It has been amazing for him because he also gets feedback from visitors who share their thoughts on new elements that can be added to the platform. Aside Harry, there are so many blogs and vlogs online today and he expressed his feelings saying everyone is not real and passionate like it was in the beginning. He is looking forward to diversification like sports and technology blogs or vlogs.
When you trace the childhood of most creative and talented people today, you will find out that they had a very interesting time growing up. Harry watched a lot of Disney Cartoons, which he believes shaped the man he has become today. He also recalled the mock television shows he does with his neighbor and this is not the only inspirational thing to pick from here as he eats, drinks and sleep music...he describes music as his biggest inspiration...a lot of the posts and stories on his platform have generated from different songs.

It is interesting going around and interviewing some of the biggest celebrity brands in Nigeria but is the showbiz growing or can it be equated with what obtains at the global stage? Harry says It is growing but people are still not getting the business aspect right despite having the talent and charisma for the show aspect and that is why there is a lot of record label fights and contractual disputes. Harry can be described as a star based on his definition when I asked him..He says a star is someone who performs excellently well in their chosen field while a celebrity is someone popular in a particular society...

Despite a busy schedule, Harry loves to spend time with friends, watch movies and television shows. He is looking forward to a better online journalism because it is growing rapidly but then something must be done about access to internet facility especially those in the rural areas