Saturday, 2 July 2016


I do hope there is enough space to take so many of us if we are to consider the number of Lagos residence who patronize street hawkers...Is it for the fact that many of us have to fill our tummies while going home, after a hard day with a nagging colleague or boss...these street hawkers are the solution to some people who cannot help but do something about their quick hunger for the road. I respect the state government taking a decision after the incident that occurred at the Maryland Axis of Ikorodu Road recently but surprisingly, It is not the hawkers alone that would face the music...we the buyers would have to pay a fine or a six month jail term...(smiles)

The Governor of Lagos State, Akinwunmi Ambode recently appeared on a breakfast show where he emphasized more on the state laws regarding street hawking...A fine of 90,000 Naira is also involved here for patronizing a street hawker...I would like to add that the state government should do something about the traffic jam in the state, thereby, we all can reach our homes early enough to make dinner or find something to eat..some of us have to buy something on the road because we are stuck in a jam that could last for about 3 hours...just within a state..It is crazy and as for the hawkers, I am sure the state understands the word hustle...It is a big deal in Lagos because bills must be paid..even babes are not left out of the bills and some women are widows! they must survive by all much more to define.

I am not defending them but what is the future for these people because not everyone can afford a lock up store in Lagos...By the way, It was very wrong for a law enforcement agent to pursue someone who has not been identified as a threat to the peace of the community. However, I do have some reservations about some areas like Ketu where the roads have been completely turned to a market square with all sorts of commodities...You can even grind your pepper, onions and tomatoes for stew right on a major road...Nigeria must survive..(smiles). When laws are enforced, please consider alternatives for the citizens...this is democracy and we all have a say because we voted someone in to lead and direct us...