Saturday, 23 July 2016


The rumors have been everywhere for a long time, even the actor admits it as the wildest rumor in the world..most fans want him as the next James Bond after Daniel Craig who says he is done with the character despite an ongoing agreement to do one more movie. Idris Elba is good, sexy, action packed but he says he is too old to play James Bond...running around in cars, flirting with the ladies and Martinis...He describes it as a terrible idea but Is it really a terrible idea...? 44 year old Idris Elba is still having a good time as an actor and also has a clothing line...What exactly will it really take to bring an A-Game as James Bond...Truthfully, It's all about the creating and selling something real to the public.

To some other persons, the issue of a black James Bond is what comes to mind...If it makes sense in their head...while others say he is not that cool to play the character...If we recall in September 2015, there was controversy when James Bond Author, Anthony Horowitz said Elba was ''too street'' to play 007. He said ''Idris Elba is a bit too rough to play the part,''. He further said ''It's not a color issue, I think he is probably a bit too street for Bond''. He has however apologized for that statement but is it not the work of a Director and an artistic director to give an interpretation of what they want out of an actor.

We have not seen a lot of him facially this year...He voiced characters in Zootopia, Jungle Book and Finding Dory and playing the Villain in Star Trek Beyond...I am of the opinion that Idris Elba can deliver; He has the accent, the suave, the charisma, even though I feel his concerns about the whole chase drama in the movie...will he reject it if the offer truly knocks at his door...? I believe Elba would make Bond more famous than we imagine and might even gross in more profit at the box office because he might deliver better than Daniel Craig...and Daniel is 48,four years older than Elba.