Saturday, 2 July 2016


Are you going to wait till you encounter Olajumoke Orisaguna on a first class seat en route to Milan for a fashion Show or Are you going to wait till she gets honored by a prestigious University in Nigeria before you realize time has passed you by....? I know it might sound cliche putting up a write up about this young lady having read and seen the various benefits thrown at her but let it be known to you that Olajumoke is certainly working hard behind ''close doors'' and when she is done, you might have to pay through your nose to hear her talk or something...Ridiculous I guess...

What exactly am I driving at...? I watched a dance show this morning and one of the young contestants actually described the situation of her family as she sleeps in the living room because the rooms are few compared to the numbers in the family and she has to walk with her mum to get a bus every morning when going to school...Another also described dance as a get-away...What is your get-away...?

Let us put aside the fact that Photographer, Ty Bello brought her to the spotlight because she is no more in control of her destiny as Jumoke is now managed by a professional Modelling Agency and her current residence is also temporary...For those of you who think she has gold all planted right in her house...please think again because she has to work very hard to make that assumption true before the public...Do you even think It will be easy for her...? Yes, She ain't selling bread again...Yes, several brands have romanced her and Yes, her life has changed but If she really wants to be another Alek, Oluchi or Naomi...She must work hard to remain there....

I ask myself...What exactly should I be doing to elevate my passion...Unfortunately, we are in a society where your journey might have been programmed from school to marriage...I wonder where we missed the part of self...What does my child wants but thanks to a level of civilization, some people have stayed true to their dreams and have been able to develop others...Do not remain where you are..Do what you have to do now...The person whom you beef might actually be your gateway to success which I do not define by money.

A colleague once told me she feels not complete by not exploring other things about life..She is blessed with children, a job and all that but she still feels there is more to life...and that is absolutely true. I know the country is very hard for a lot of us and so, It is difficult to live a dream but what about where you are...For example, Do you know that Chidinma can fix you in her next music video by what you upload on YouTube..It will be difficult having a live audition with her but both of you can connect with the help of the social media.

I am on the edge...waiting to see the tremendous transformation in Olajumoke because every time I see an image of her, I get inspired to push further..a little further and I will be amazed at how much effort is going into every passion am connected with. Start now...dust yourself....pack your luggage and go!