Saturday, 23 July 2016


kunle Afolayan is no doubt a very good professional in film making because I love the fact that he is using the cinema to tell the African Story..From Figurine, Irapada to October 1..I must take a bow for all his effort but is the CEO the best of him..? I am not sure, not based on the cinematography but If the story was well grounded.?..No one said a single word or clapped at the cinema when we finished...A good story should be whispered about while we leave the hall...Yes, there were some artistic moment but I was very thirsty for more as I just watched through to see who eventually became the CEO.

Let us get real here..The film seemed highly commercial at the beginning..I began feeling a movie when these five senior executives sat down for serious business...Yes, we all know some top brands were behind this production but do not throw it right in our faces lest we forget the reason why we were at the cinema.To the acting, I will give most credit to Hilda Dokubo and Wale Ojo...There was a lot of confusion for me towards the end...Was it really thrilling for me?...a bit..I would have loved to see how the first two executives died and there is nothing bad showing us a bit of who was behind it all these while...there are technical directions in achieving such and still maintaining suspense.

This is not about making this film very African but there are certain interpretations that would have made it mind blowing, highly intriguing and thrilling just like what obtains in some Hollywood productions... Figurine was more thrilling, Irapada had me on the edge of my seat while October 1 was very convincing but I do not know where to stand on this one...I only enjoyed the scenery and the outcome of the games which coincided with a death of a senior executive...The story plaid smart by killing the husband of Eloise Toure following her defeat during the games.

Is the cast convincing...? How did he go about the casting...? Kunle Afolayan should have a better answer more than anyone else but I was not all that convinced with some of the actors. It was produced well but not directed well....It was shot well and the camera angles were excellent. It was obvious you were doing Dekunle Gold a favor and not really being a part of the movie...As a Director, I would fuse him into the story...any of the characters could have walked up to him and give him a business card or he hangs out with the general crowd after performing...perhaps using an in-house disc jockey would have been better.

This does not change my expectation in the future but I do believe more creative productions will come from Kunle Afolayan...This is an award winning film in terms of picture, light and sound but not a convincing story line and Hilda Dokubo can be nominated for an award as a supporting role in this film