Sunday, 14 August 2016


I took my tired looking self after a long day at a workshop to the Silverbird Galleria in Lagos to watch an highly anticipated drama film, Kumbaya (Come by home). I arrived quite early even when I know premieres do not start on time in Lagos but gradually, lots of invited guests arrived the venue including majority of the casts...Ok!..Let me fast forward!...

I would pat the producer on the back for coming this far because I know how challenging it is producing such in present day Nigeria but he must be ready to learn from his errors..avoidable errors and be better at his next project. Let me say that this is not a movie to be trashed but praised. Kumbaya opened with a beautiful montage...I loved every night scene I saw even though some of them were shot against untidy backgrounds. Let me jump right into the acting...Singer and songwriter, Essence, blew me off my seat...she simply proved that she is a worthy graduate of Theatre Art. I loved her deliveries, mannerisms and body language...I know the director must have pushed her to the limits against her comfort zone because majority laughed while watching most of her scenes.

We cannot push aside Aaron Sunday who simply proved he has a stake in Nollywood by a classic delivery of a 'bad boy' without being excessive or arrogant...simply cool and sexy. We did not see much of Lanre Hassan(Iya Awero) and neither did I feel a lot from Bayray Mcwizu. Ronke 'Oshodi Oke' Ojo also gave some humorous delivery of her role..Would I say It is more of a comic relief as described by some people, I do not know but the intrigued nature of the story line was empty. It was present but flat. This is a musical and our emotions should have been heightened by the circumstances surrounding the major character which is Alex. By the way, her acting shows she is a fresher but her vocal strength is beautiful.
I love the fact that the scenes were not too long except for some situations where Linda (Essence) was frying plantain with her son and Alex in the kitchen...that got awkward for me at a point and I told someone, I hope some rushes were not forgotten in this scene because it went on for too long and then a scene that seemed more like a musical video...Yes It is musical in nature but that was simply too long with no images relating to what the character wants us to feel in his song. I enjoyed most of the acting because they came out natural except for Alex's father who seemed like the scripts was placed right before him as a guide.

You will laugh watching Kumbaya but would you be gripped emotionally? I would say No. This is where the lighting mood, music mood, extreme close ups should have played out well..What was the major soundtrack...? Yea..I am asking myself just now because I do not know...This is a musical right...? The producer must sit down and check his errors so as to avoid a future recurrence and please do not use a director for such a sensitive role because he might lose the creativity in interpreting the story while dealing with his own lines...more so, he is not a professional actor.
Most of the costumes came out beautiful and make up too was calm and subtle but always do something to avoid excessive sweat while shooting except if it is needed as part of the interpretation. My classic high points in Kumbaya include Linda's mess when she came home drunk with Alex. Alex coming out to sing in place of Linda at the club, when Linda dropped a glass cup in her house; you might not be sure what she saw...the crazy relationship of Alex and her supposed boyfriend...the two men in the convenience getting acquainted and Mrs Coker's interaction with Linda's neighbor.

I would avoid giving a score but this is commendable but It can be better. I was concerned about the audio quality...something must be done about that too...the truth is when it comes to making a movie, everything must be right and being right does not have to equate to a billion dollar....the right people, the right steps must be taken...Talk may be cheap saying all of these but am sure the producer must have been getting more heats than this right now because some people have already trashed this.

Congratulations to everyone who was part of this project on or off the camera...If you believe the producer has much more to offer the industry, give him more pat and opportunity to grow in terms of support systems and am sure his next project will be better because you simply have to get it right each time you launch something new.


Wednesday, 3 August 2016


The Ratoleo Patches ''Distinctive Element'' Collection is inspired by the versatile and dynamic fashion statement of the present day classic men that loves and wants to stand out in style. This collection is meant to give diverse personality; It can also serve as a casual wear to a more formal look, giving that boost in your level of confidence and increase your self esteem. The fabric used varies from Polish cotton to Irish linen.

Model - Tosan Dudun
Photography - Sunbo Photographi


There is always something new every now and then in Nollywood and a lot of young people are beginning to embrace the reality of producing great films that can compete at the global stage and talented actor, Okey Uzoeshi has taken that bold step but am sorry to say, it is ''Something Wicked''...How wicked is this something, who creates this wickedness and what is this something...? Well, 2017 is not too far and am sure we are in for a great time. Now, I am really looking forward to this ''Something'' for one major reason-the cast...If you have seen Ireti Doyle in ''Torn'' and Adesuwa Etomi in ''Falling or Knocking on Heaven's Door'', then, you are in for a ride of a life time...Other great talents in this film include Gabriel Afolayan, Ivie Okujaie-Egboh, Beverly Naya, Keira Hewatch, Omowunmi Dada, Bisola Aiyeola and Okey Uzoeshi himself...

''Something Wicked'' is the story of a widow whose recently orphaned nephew moves into her home from the violence riddled Northern Nigeria, after the murder of his parents. This particular nephew had a difficult time fitting into his new family whist the widow struggled with the challenges of balancing a failing business and single parenthood. This family's bond is tested when they are thrown in a life threatening situation. We would see how misunderstandings lead to misconceptions and premonitions are sometimes the only warning we get in this game of life and death...In the opening of the thriller, a few comments were made regarding the preview that might have been seen but I will simply state that this drama film is simply thrilling, engaging and thought-provoking.
This project is produced by JAF Alliance and creatively brought to life under the directive of Yemi Morafa, who has to his credit, ''The Spotlight'' and ''2nd Coming''. This project is due for release in the first quarter of 2017.