Monday, 15 January 2018


After the social media world along with its esteemed followers enjoyed the news that multi talented actress, Funke Akindele popularly known as Jenifa was casted in the next Avengers sequel...We woke up to another news that she has been dropped and surprisingly, replaced with Genevieve Nnaji.

There are several sides to these drama now; Is this a publicity stunt to make the movie break the box office ceiling? Some have claimed hackers are behind it, despite the fact that production has ended.  Well, I am confused as well but If i was to cast a Nollywood actor for this role, I won't consider Genevieve Nnaji despite being a huge fan.

For some reason, I have lost some interest in her except she will prove otherwise by breaking herself from the 'classy aura' that she parades now. Please remind me again when our very own Genevieve was spotted in any production within the last 3 years or more and I mean mind blowing productions, and do not preach to me about how expensive she is for producers. Meryl Streep hasn't slowed down on her challenging roles.

How versatile is Genevieve Nnaji? She is just a movie star and has never featured in Drama. When you look at Nollywood today, babes are not smiling when it comes to edginess, breaking boundaries and talent...How talented is Genevieve if she cannot prove herself beyond what we have known about her skills.

I see a few people suddenly camped with the story about Genevieve in Avengers👏🤔. Are you saying she's a better actor than Funke Akindele? As for the role in question, I will cast Funke Akindele because of her natural energy towards crime, tenacity, doggedness and spirit of a comrade especially when you watch productions like Omo Ghetto, Taiwo Taiwo and Jenifa.

I believe both actors have their strengths and weaknesses but there are certain things casting directors look out for...till then, fingers crossed for the Avengers.