Saturday, 17 February 2018


From an extreme curious direct messaging with the famous Tyra Banks that went sour to being blocked by the Supermodel, to disappointments by brands, Scott Pears has remained steadfast within a year of his career as a professional model. I have never heard about the name Scott Pears until I posted a campaign by Veens Clothing for his new collection where he modeled alongside Actor, Okey Uzoeshi and former Mr. Tourism Nigeria culture, Ernest Tochi.

The name Scott Pears sounds quite foreign and I had to ask If he was Nigerian or something but Scott Esosa Igbinoba is a proud son of Edo State in Nigeria. According to him, Scott Pears is a unique name he came up with after falling in love with pears baby oil a long time ago, he thought to himself why don't he put Scott and pears together and it sounded nice. That was the birth of the brand that everyone has come to terms with, especially as a young fast rising model.

For Scott, Modeling was a second choice after basketball having represented Nigeria at various national and international competitions but he has owned every definition today especially with an eyebrow that is a very unique trademark which has been often complimented by people and he is always ready to flaunt it for the benefit of growing his career. He described his eyebrow as his selling point. He believes he was given for a reason because it has opened doors to work with big brands like MTN, Ttdalk and many more. Scott is not just a lay about or some school drop out as might be assumed by some section of the society. He is a graduate of Business Administration from Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus which was based on scholarship from playing basketball. His exposure has actually widened by traveling to countries like Egypt, Greece, Turkey and Italy.

This 6ft. model described his first job as funny, he says ''honestly I had no idea what I was doing while the light were flashing, I just knew I was changing poses, and the pictures eventually came out beautiful''.  He was paid five thousand Naira, but he believed those are sacrifices to be a better model and a great one like Tyra Banks who remains an inspiration to him till date.
I had to ask a critical question regarding treatment given to models in this part of the world He said ''models are not given respect like other countries do,  we are the face of every brand so we deserve to be respected.'' 

I really do hope that one day models will not be seen as hungry people. According to him models complain about not been paid well by brand or not even paid at all,  ''that's just pure disrespect! this makes parents disallow their children from becoming models because of the mindset they have about models''. One significant area I found vital was the creation of a body that will unite or fight for the plights of models. A body that can sue any brand for misconduct and breach of payment or agreement.

 Interestingly, He has experienced embarrassing moments while on this journey which I believe is an everyday encounter amongst rising models in Nigeria. Scott says he was called up for a shoot with a well known brand in Nigeria and he had to wait for 6 hours without being attended to or even a glass of water. After waiting that long, he was told to change into an outfit but on stepping out, they were in a shoot with someone else. Do you know what he was told? The designer literally told him he didn't need Scott anymore, he can pull off the clothes and go home. According to Scott, he was expecting a transport fare back home and a sorry for the inconvenience but he has not given up on his dreams as he strives daily to be a better model.

Scott ensures he stays fit even though It is tough for every model especially when you get an impromptu job. There is no time to relax now according to him but he exercises at least for an hour every morning. He takes lots of fruits especially watermelon which helps in rejuvenating lost cells and reduces stress. All of these he says is just to be in shape as a professional model.

 Despite the few challenges, Modeling has been rewarding for Scott, It has given him the exposure, respect and confidence. Interestingly, some people now look up to him as a mentor. Going for castings is still a tough route to achieving certain feats because of the top models he meets there and also the challenge of being signed by top agencies. All of these has not slowed him down especially when he looks back to what made him start. He wants to be seen not just as a model but a motivational speaker as well. He wants to be seen as a model who motivates others to never give up on their dreams especially when they look at his works.

We all have good and bad stories growing up and Scott has continued to emerge stronger despite coming from a polygamous home but he is happy that his father gave all his children quality education.
For anyone desiring to be a success in the industry, He says follow your dreams, practice everyday,  eat right, work out, be loyal, do not depend on people to help you build your dreams and join a network that would help brush you up. Scott desires to work with brands like Adidas, Gucci, Mai Atafo ,Orange Culture and the likes.