Monday, 5 March 2018


After following the Coz brand for a while, I decided to find out more about it's story and it is an inspiring tale that every Nigerian youth can tap into. At 20, some young people do not have an idea about where they are headed even when certain opportunities avail them but for Oreoluwa Osoba, he commenced the journey of adding style to travel bags, office bags, cross bags, suede back packs and more with the brand name Coz.The Coz journey started while Ore was at his final year studying Computer Science at the North American University, Cotonou, Republic of Benin with a 100,000 Naira he had saved. Ore was called several names by his father but he never gave up on that dream.

Ore Osoba is a first class graduate with a creative flair in the business of style and his love for fashion led him to creating jean bags before moving to leather bags but this was a vision his father never believed. He says ''I was labelled a bad child for believing in my dreams but that didn't stop me. I always tell people your parents don't know everything, only God does''. It is very obvious this creative brain behind Coz is a man after God's heart; And that God passion has driven his marketing strategy for his brand. Infact, Coz has the best customers and they never stop pleasing them. This brand is not just about fashion, It's about youth empowerment. Ore adds ''I want people to see Coz and believe they can do anything no matter how young they are''.

 It seemed like Ore was wasting a time of his life and youth but his sister, Busayo kept pushing and believing. She was also supportive financially and spiritually. All of that crazy journey has yielded so much for the brand. Coz can boast of two collections with a third on the way. There are customers across 16 countries which include United States, United Kingdom, Ghana, South Africa, France, China and so on. Coz has also grabbed Nigerian brand of the year award and named among the top 10 leather brands in Africa with a business show room at Lekki, Lagos. Ore says prayer and hardwork is the key and that can be observed in his daily work routine because It is from one meeting to another creating strategies on growing the brand from one level to another. He adds ''believe in yourself and believe you can do anything''.

Aside the brand, Ore has won awards; Entrepreneur of the year, he has been called the future of fashion in Nigeria and named one of the most influential youths in Nigeria. I had to ask what marketing steps are being taken to push the brand in today's competitive market and I wasn't surprised to hear about social media adverts, showcasing at fashion shows, advertising in fashion magazines and blogs, and most importantly, making the price affordable and that has kept growing customers. Coz is simply an ideal brand to compliment your swagger as an everyday worker who works hard but still very fashionable and even children are not left out of the train.

It's been three years Ore started Coz and they are set to reveal a new collection themed after the third year of existence; the collection will represent strength and growth, It has a bag for everyone from the cool children to the office guys. The collection will play with colors especially from the signature tan brown to more bright colors. Ore described this collection has the hardest so far to design because of some personal challenges he was going through while creating the collection. Pressure strolled in and he was unable to design for a while but with his faith in God and the support of friends and family, he was able to pull through and get back to Coz 3.

Ore is very optimistic about the new collection because it speaks for itself, from the leather to the design. he added ''I'm sure the Coz army would see how much work was put into it''. The sleepless nights creating such a great brand comes would need some relaxation and music is definitely one of the keys because he likes to envision and music takes him to that place with music stars like Asa, Rihanna and Adele. Being the easy going man, Ore loves a calm environment to also relax and ofcourse food. Ore says he will not stop engaging his customers and that is an ideal marketing strategy any day any time.