Sunday, 13 May 2018


When you meet Ahmad Tijani, he can be intimidating due to his built but there's more to this Nigerian who continues to build an empire beyond his body. Fondly called TJ, he is the chief executive of Total Fitness Service but that sounds very official right. He is a fitness instructor that has continued to provide worthy fitness life to numerous clients across the city of Lagos.

My interaction with Tijani was quite an interesting one because he is well spoken, intelligently answering questions and i had to ask what he studied at the university? He studied Social Studies education at the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife which means he is technically a teacher but this time a fitness teacher. The certificate of study might be in his file at home but the social part of him is very important to him and that led him to further explore other avenues of doing more than just fitness. Tijani decided to be a part of the 2018 edition of Mr Ideal Nigeria as Mr Ideal Sokoto.

Tijani did not emerge as an overall winner but he did prove his worth as  a Fitness instructor by emerging as Mr Strength Ideal Nigeria 2018. Now that the highly talked about pageant is over, Tijani is capitalizing on that success to launch a clothing line, modelling, educating and inspiring more people about fitness via a vlog amongst other things. He also dropped a hint about taking over Nollywood and am sure producers will definitely find somewhere to fix a very eloquent fitness instructor.
Tijani is not in competition with anyone . He says he can do runway modelling but not look his best but he certainly can and will kill a commercial shoot. Not everyone can do what I can do, he adds. Before TJ moved to Lagos from Kano in 2014, he was involved in school plays but fitness will always be his number one amongst the numerous things he can do.

He says fitness business is financially rewarding especially when you have the right set of clients. You also have to be professional as an instructor, you have to be on time, precise and simple because after a while, that client becomes your friend. Because of his compassionate nature, Tijani intends getting extra hands and give them opportunities to take on his clients which can be described as a way to give back to society or perhaps give other young people opportunities to be a fitness instructor just like him.

Tijani is popularly known for his Tyre Flip Challenge which is about testing strength, courage and perseverance. Going into the third edition, Tijani keys with media organizations in showasing this to the world and interestingly, he intends having a celebrity edition of the Tyre Flip Challenge.
Tijani might have trained in marshal arts for about 4 years and appears like the bouncer you meet at that event but he is simply like every regular human with love for music, cartoons and he is very passionate about his country. He wants a transparent government and a nation loving one another.

Before I ended my chat with him, I had to ask for one name that seemed like a mentor and Frank Oshodi came out of his mouth immediately; he says Frank took him like a brother, linked him with clients and financial support. Today, Tijani is on the verge of building a brand we will come to reckon with.