Saturday, 12 May 2018


When my boss called me to do some press work on this production, I had no idea what it will entail until i got to one of the locations at Victoria Island, Lagos. I knew I was going to see actors doing their thing but I wasn't expecting to see a truckload filled with hi-tech equipment and lots of technical people including foreigners, simply put "Oyinbo". Lara and the beat is star studded like most sweet Nollywood movies but there is a lot of work going into interpreting the story.

I think we had more than 10 takes shooting just a paparazzi scene. I know right! The Director, Tosin Coker ensured he got the right interpretation of that scene. By the way, Tosin Coker is an Los Angeles based Director who happens to be the Chief Executive of Skylar Pictures. He joined the experienced media practitioner, Biola Alabi in this collaborative effort. They shot on water, land and literally went above and beyond to interpret every nuance on the script.
Biola Alabi works with an amazing producer, Tolu Olusoga who ensured all hands were on deck to bring out the best in this film. The technical production behind this picture is well planned and used to interpret the story. Now, the music will blow you away and thanks to the creative and experienced Ty Mix who worked with an array of talents including lead cast, Seyi Shay and Vector in balancing music and character interpretation.
The team work displayed in this production is absolutely impressive. If you do not know most of the cast, you might take them for crew members as they were totally involved beyond their mission as role players and the production team took their time in ensuring good interpretation from
Script to picture. The fashion in Lara and the beat is simply edgy, bold, urban and very African.
 I believe Biola Alabi Media had much improvement from their last feature, Banana island ghost which was allegedly tacky from some reviews but we cannot take away the technical quality of that film. A lot of money went into that production just like Lara and the beat. Biola Alabi knows about putting the best into a production and she ensured they got the right support for this film and that is why impressive and intelligent questions were being asked at the press conference by Journalists. The responses given proved that lots of research went into this production.
Lara and the beat celebrates the uniqueness of Lagos in a very strategic way. A way that makes you value your environment and appreciate the level of development going on despite a few shortcomings but this is why film culture should be applauded for bringing to light the city and selling it to the world.

Lara and the beat should be applauded for joining forces with the Internal Revenue Service in educating and enlightening the public in this film. This project is more than fashion, music, culture. It is also about knowing your civic duties, tax laws and all that.
Without sentiments, Seyi Shay must be applauded for her role in this film. She is a great artiste and submitting herself to Lara was simply a bold step as movie and tv producers might start considering her for subsequent roles when they get to see this film.